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Binance Pay is a contactless, borderless, and secure cryptocurrency payment system designed by Binance for you and your customers.

By integrating directly or through one of our channel partners for sales both online and offline, you can start accepting Bitcoin and over 50 other popular cryptocurrencies and engage with the highly passionate and rapidly growing Binance community.

Binance Pay’s low transaction fees means more profits for your business whilst also allowing you to be paid in your preferred cryptocurrency or stable coin, including USDT and keeping track of those profits is easy with the Merchant Management Platform. Here you can manage your payments, refund your customers and withdraw your earnings, simply and fuss free.

For further exposure to the Binance community you can take your business to the palm of their hands by joining the Binance marketplace where your customers will be able to shop your services without ever leaving the Binance App.

Learn more here about which pathway is most suitable for your business and how Binance Pay can help you today.