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Payment Links

Payment Links provides you the fastest way to accept payments and integrate with Binance Pay API without any coding. Binance Pay Merchant can create a Payment Link in seconds and share the Link with your customer.

With Payment Link, you can accept payments from any channel or device – email, social media, live chat, or SMS. All you need to do is send the Payment Link to your customer and they can complete the payment via Binance App or Binance web page. We’ll handle the authentication flow and payment processing.

How it works#

  1. Create a Payment Link in Binance Merchant Management Portal.

  2. Binance Pay generates a unique link for you to share with your customer.

  3. The customer can either scan the QR on the link via Binance App or login Binance Web to proceed with the payment.

Payment Links expire after 24 hours by default, you can customize the validity period (up to 1 year) during creation.

Getting Started#

Create Payment Links#

You can create, view and manage your Payment Links in the Binance Merchant Management Platform.

Go to [Product] - [Payment Link] - [Create Payment Link].

Firstly, select which Payment Link you would like to create.

Quick Payment LinkDetailed Payment Link
Create a payment link easily in just 30 seconds. Input the payment title and specify the crypto amount. You can also enable your customers to input the amount themselves. More info click hereCreate a payment link with multiple items, input the product name, price and quantity. You can even enable your customer to adjust each item quantity.  More info click here

Fill in the Product information accordingly and select the type (Single or Multiple). Choose your desired type of payment link and set the validity period of the payment link, you can customize it up to a year from the day of creation.

Types of link:

  1. Single Payment: Payment Link will automatically deactivate once payment is received;
  2. Multiple Payment: The same link can accept multiple payments.

Once done, click [Save] to create the Payment Link and start accepting payment.

You can either send the link to your customer to complete payment via email, live chat, social media, as well as any other channels your customer uses. Or display the QR code image for your customer to scan.

*Payment Link Reference should not contain any special characters

Click save and the Payment Link will be created. You can now send the link to your customer to complete payment - this could be done by either email, live chat and social media, or any channels where your customer can to be reached.

Quick Payment Link#

Quick Payment Link allows you to create a payment link in as quick as 30 seconds.

Detailed Payment Link#

Details Payment Link are very much similar to Quick Payment Link, with the additional “Add Product/Services” functionality.

Select [+Add Product/Services] and input the product details accordingly.

You can add multiple products or services you are offering in the payment link for easier product and order management.

Manage Payment Link#

To monitor your Payment Links created, you can check the status and transaction information at Merchant Management Portal.

There are three statues

ActiveThe Payment Link is available for accepting payments
CompletedPayment has been received successfully
ExpiredThe Payment Link has expired and can no longer be accessed
The Payment Link is available for accepting payments
Payment has been received successfully
The Payment Link has expired and can no longer be accessed

For active Payment Links, the status Active will be reflected under Action. For other status, click on Details to view the status, as well as the transaction information.

In addition, you can also manually expire the Payment Link by clicking Expire under Action.