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The invoicing feature allows you to bill your client in crypto. All in just a few minutes and with no coding required. Create an invoice, manage, and monitor the status all in one place.

How it works#

  1. Create an invoice in the Binance Merchant Management Platform.
  2. Add your client and item information accordingly to generate the invoices.
  3. Binance Pay will email your client the invoice generated.
  4. The client can review the invoices and pay with Binance Pay by either scanning the QR code with the Binance App or on Binance web.

Getting Started#

Creating an invoice#

You can create, view and manage your invoices in the Binance Merchant Management Platform.

Go to: Products -> Invoice -> Create Invoice

Select [Add Client] to input your client details. Binance will send the invoice to the email address provided in this step.

After selecting the client for the invoice, choose between two types of invoices:

  1. One-off: The invoice will be completed once payment is received.
  2. Recurring: The invoice will be sent to the client on the frequency scheduled (e.g., monthly).

Input the information of the invoice accordingly, and you are ready to send it to your client and receive payment in crypto.

Upon receiving our email, your client will be able to view the invoice details and complete the payment using Binance Pay. They will have to scan the QR code with the Binance App or on Binance web. Once payment is completed, you’ll both receive an email or SMS notification.

Manage your invoice#

To monitor the invoices created, you can check their status and transaction information at the Binance Merchant Management Platform.

Go to: Products → Invoice

You can void any one-off invoices if it's no longer valid, or disable any recurring invoices. Paid invoices will be displayed as Paid.

You can view the transaction details of your invoices at the transaction tab.

Go to: Transaction

At the transaction tab, you can view all transactions, filter them by date, and export the selected data.

Refund Your Invoice#

You can perform a refund for the paid orders at the transaction tab. For more information on refunds, please click here.