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Native APIs

Our Payment APIs allows you to handle 100% of your front-end interactions. Use our APIs and build your own checkout page with full control over your design.

How it works#

  1. Merchants integrate APIs to get QR codes/ App Deeplink from the Binance server.
  2. Merchants display the QR codes / App Deeplink on their websites.
  3. Customers scan QR / Open Binance App and pay.

Step 1

Create your own checkout page and call our APIs to get the Binance Pay QR/App Deeplink.


Step 2

Users can select over 50 cryptocurrencies to pay with.


Step 3

Users enter their Pay PIN.


Step 4

Payment successful. BUSD will be sent to your account.

Create Order API#

You can use the “Create Order” API to initiate an order. You will receive a checkoutURL in the API response. Redirect users to the checkoutURL and they can complete the payment on our Binance hosted checkout page.

End Point#
POST /binancepay/openapi/v2/order
Request Example#

For full API specification, please go to API Request Reference.

{  "env" : {    "terminalType": "APP"  },  "merchantTradeNo": "9825382937292",  "orderAmount": 25.17,  "currency": "BUSD",  "goods" : {    "goodsType": "01",    "goodsCategory": "D000",    "referenceGoodsId": "7876763A3B",    "goodsName": "Ice Cream",    "goodsDetail": "Greentea ice cream cone"  }}
Response Example#

For full API specification, please go to API Response Reference. By default, the link will expire after 1 hour.

{  "status": "SUCCESS",  "code": "000000",  "data": {    "prepayId": "29383937493038367292",    "terminalType": "APP",    "expireTime": 121123232223,    "qrcodeLink": "",    "qrContent": "",    "checkoutUrl": "",    "deeplink": "bnc://"  },  "errorMessage": ""}

“prepayId” is the unique ID to identify the transaction. Please save it in your database so you can track the transaction status afterwards.

You can retrieve the QR code and app deeplink from the Create Order API response.


Step 1

Get the QR code link from the parameter "qrcodeLink"


Step 2

Get the app deep link from the parameter “qrContent” to redirect your customers to the Binance App to pay