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Hosted Checkout Page

Simplify your integration by using our hosted checkout page. Redirect your customers to a Binance hosted checkout page which dynamically adapts to your customer’s device to increase conversion. Customers will login to their Binanace Account to pay directly, and we’ll handle the authorization and payment processing.

How it works#

  1. Merchants integrate Create Order API to get Web Checkout Link from Binance.
  2. Merchants redirect customers to Binance Web Checkout Page.
  3. Customers can scan QR / Open Binance App / login to their Binance account and pay.

Step 1

Create an order with our APIs and redirect users to our dynamic Binance-hosted checkout page.


Step 2

Users can select over 50 cryptocurrencies to pay with.


Step 3

Upon successful payment, user is redirected back to your site and Crypto gets settled to you.

Create Order API#

You can use the “Create Order” API to initiate an order. You will receive a checkoutURL in the API response. Redirect users to the checkoutURL and they can complete the payment on our Binance hosted checkout page.

End Point#
POST /binancepay/openapi/v3/order
Request Example#

You can also create orders in certain fiat currencies and receive settlement in USDT. For more info and full API specification, please go to

API Request Reference

{  "env": {    "terminalType": "APP"  },  "orderTags": {    "ifProfitSharing": true  },  "merchantTradeNo": "9825382937292",  "orderAmount": 25.17,  "currency": "USDT",  "description": "very good Ice Cream",  "goodsDetails": [{    "goodsType": "01",    "goodsCategory": "D000",    "referenceGoodsId": "7876763A3B",    "goodsName": "Ice Cream",    "goodsDetail": "Greentea ice cream cone"  }]}
Response Example#

For full API specification, please go to

API Response Reference
. By default, the link will expire after 1 hour.

{  "status": "SUCCESS",  "code": "000000",  "data": {    "prepayId": "29383937493038367292",    "terminalType": "APP",    "expireTime": 121123232223,    "qrcodeLink": "",    "qrContent": "",    "checkoutUrl": "",    "deeplink": "bnc://",    "universalUrl": ""  },  "errorMessage": ""}

“prepayId” is the unique ID to identify the transaction. Please save it in your database so you can track the transaction status afterwards.