Payout to a Binance account is a popular transfer service that can be used for various purposes, such as settling payments with suppliers, remitting funds, distributing commissions, reimbursing expenses, rewarding loyalty points, and facilitating play-to-earn activities.

This service allows for instant crediting of cryptocurrency to the recipient's account, which can help businesses enhance productivity and lower expenses. Additionally, there are currently no service fees for this service.

How it works

Option 1: An API interface is provided for merchants with technical capabilities to complete the payout function. Check API Documentation >>

Option 2: Payout on our merchant dashboard

Click the [Mass Payout] button and open the file upload page -> For the first use, you must download the template, complete it, and upload the file based on the rules displayed

Confirm the payout information and click [Payout] for security verification -> Once the security verification is successful, you can view the payout status on the results page

Who can use it

All Verified Binance Pay individual merchants or enterprise merchants.

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