Technical Vendor

As a technical service provider, you can leverage the acquisition, and mini-app capabilities of Binance Pay.

Companies that offer technical integration services can use the Binance Pay standard API to help merchants create customized payment solutions specific to their industry.

These providers can also utilize other capabilities, including Binance Pay's acquisition features, to enhance their services and expand their global digital payment business. For further information, refer to the Integration Doc.

How it works

  1. Log in to Binance Pay Merchant Platform.

  2. Select Partner -> Technical Vendor in the menu, and click [Add authorization]

  3. Fill in the authorization request form as required.

  4. Merchants will receive an email from Binance Pay.

  5. Visit the Authorization Page to authorize the service provider to perform integration on their behalf.

  6. After merchants complete the authorization, the Service provider can view the authorization token under the Authorization Management.

  7. Use the authorization token to call Binance Pay APIs on behalf of merchants.

Who can use it

All verified Binance Pay partners.

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