Sub Merchant Onboarding

Binance Pay offers two ways for merchants to work with them: direct merchant and channel partner.

If a merchant chooses the channel partner option, they can use Binance Pay through their channel partner. The channel partner can quickly add sub-merchants through the Binance Pay Merchant Platform and create a sub-merchant API to save on labor costs and make the process more efficient.

Moreover, the channel partner can show sub-merchants' names on the checkout page so that customers can recognize the merchant's name. For further information, refer to the Integration Doc.

How it works

Institutions have two options to complete the onboarding process: using the WeChat Pay Merchant Platform or the sub-merchant onboarding API. For the former, the submission process for sub-merchant information is outlined below.

  1. Log in to the Binance Pay Merchant Platform.

  2. Select Partner -> Virtual Accounts in the menu, and click [Create]

  3. Fill in the sub-merchant information as required.

  4. View the sub-merchant list.

Special Note: Most partners with system development capabilities complete sub-merchant onboarding through the create sub-merchant API.

Who can use it

All verified Binance Pay partners.

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