Direct Debits

Once a user has signed the debit agreement authorizing a merchant to make debits, the merchant can directly initiate a deduction request to the user’s Binance account in accordance with the agreed business rules (debit periods, debit dates, maximum debit amounts, etc.). This process means a user can complete the payment without entering their password. For further information, refer to the Integration Doc.


Scenario Characteristics

Problem to Fix (User Side)

Problem to Fix (Merchant Side)

Periodic deduction

Merchants with debit agreements can deduct payments directly from a user's Binance account, following agreed-upon rules.
No need to enter a payment password.

By automating payment operations, users can avoid repetition and ensure their services are renewed as scheduled.

Merchants can boost business conversion rates by offering password-free payments through long-term service contracts with loyal users. This makes payments more convenient and offers more service options.

Use first, pay later

Auto-deduction is activated after the merchant completes their service, based on user behavior, like requesting a ride through a car-hailing app.

This solution addresses the issue of user inconvenience when making payments in certain scenarios.

Merchants can improve their services by offering password-free payments, enhancing efficiency, and expanding payment options, making their services more accessible to customers.

How it works

1. User activates the debiting service

Enable auto-debit service on the merchant platform -> Confirm the debit agreement details and activate it

2. Merchant debits the user’s balance

1.Merchant provides the services

2.Merchant initiates the auto-debit

1.Merchant provides the services

2.Merchant initiates the auto-debit

1. Ride-Hailing App: after arriving at the destination

1. Live Steam App: subscribe membership monthly
2. E-commerce App: one-click purchase goods

Post deduction mode

Pre deduction mode

Debit limits

To protect our users, the default maximum amount a merchant can charge a user is 50 USDT per transaction. You can contact our business team to request a limit increase if you have special needs.

Who can use it

All Verified Binance Pay individual merchants or enterprise merchants.

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