Profit Sharing

Our profit-sharing service lets businesses distribute transaction funds to their partners' Binance accounts without any service fees. It's available for various industries like e-commerce, retail, ticket sales, insurance, and travel. For further information, refer to the Integration Doc.


Scenario Characteristics


When a user pays for an order on an e-commerce platform, the crypto is settled directly to the merchant's account.
The merchant then distributes the logistics service and marketing fees to the relevant parties through their profit-sharing agreement.


Some service providers, such as POS machine providers, assist merchants with processing orders using Binance Pay for in-store transactions. ‹‹In this case, the crypto payment is settled directly to the merchant's account. With the merchant's authorization, the service provider can collect commissions through their profit-sharing agreement.

How it works

User pays the order -> crypto is frozen -> API call made to unfreeze and split crypto to multiple users.

Who can use it

All Verified Binance Pay Partners. Please get in touch with our sales team to enable this function.

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