Accept BNB (BNB) Payments Easily
Accept BNB (BNB) and 80+ other popular cryptocurrencies for your business and connect with our ecosystem of 30 million Binance Pay users. Become a part of the emerging Web 3.0 revolution with Binance Pay.
  • Reach our vast network of over 170M+ Binance users
  • Gain access to BNB holders
  • ZERO gas fees for users & merchants
  • 80+ Crypto Tokens Supported
  • Instant, real-time settlement
  • Lower transaction fees
  • Merchant dashboards and reporting available
How to Accept BNB (BNB) Payments
Start accepting BNB payments through Binance Pay in 3 simple steps
Create an account
Create a Channel Partner or Direct Merchant Binance Pay account here and complete verification
Sign agreement
Sign Channel Partner or Direct Merchant Agreement
API Integration
Integrate Binance Pay APIs. Refer to our developer guide here
*For more details on how to start your Binance Pay journey, download our onboarding PDF guide.
How Does BNB Payment Work on Binance Pay?
Enhance Your Business Operations with Cryptocurrency Payments
QR Code System
Showcase QR codes at checkout both online and in-store. Static & Dynamic QR supported.
App Integration
Integrate Binance Pay for seamless payments in your app.
Payment Link
Dispatch links to customers for easy collection.
Mass-send crypto payouts to recipients for salary/benefits disbursements, loyalty programs, supplier payments and more.
Direct Debit/Preauthorization
Auto-collect payments from your customers, given they've provided prior authorization.
Send your clients a one-off or recurring invoices to collect payments via a Binance Pay QR code.
Why accept BNB with Binance Pay?
Our off-chain payment solution offers consumers the option to instantly pay with digital assets like BNB (BNB) and 80+ other supported cryptocurrencies - no blockchain knowledge required.
How to accept BNB (BNB)
How to accept BNB (BNB)
Crypto Payments with Binance Payout
Send instant and secure mass crypto payouts to your customers and suppliers all over the world.
Explore crypto payouts without the burden of additional operational costs.
Speed and Efficiency
Binance Payout offers your business an instant, hassle-free way to execute mass crypto payouts.
Global Reach
Connect with customers and suppliers anywhere in the world.
Advanced API
Through its versatile API, Binance Payout eases multi-recipient transactions in one go.
Targeted Payouts
Send payments directly to recipients through their Binance ID or email, including non-Binance users.