Native Payment

With native payment, merchants use Binance Pay API to create a QR code that contains order details. Customers can scan the code via Binance Client to complete the transaction. For further information, refer to the Integration Doc.


Scenario Characteristics

Problem to Fix

Offline supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, etc.

  1. The merchant creates a QR code for a specific order using the POS machine. 

  2. The QR code is then displayed to the user, who scans it using the Binance client to complete the payment.

To meet the needs of offline Binance Pay checkout scenarios and offer solutions for POS machines that do not require code scanning devices.

Online retail

  1. When a user places an order on the merchant's online PC mall, a QR code is generated based on the specific amount of the order. 

  2. This code is displayed on the PC webpage for the user to scan using the Binance client to complete the payment.

  3. Once the payment is made, the merchant displays the payment result on the PC webpage.

For a quicker checkout experience, simply scan the merchant's code and bypass the login step on both h5 and PC platforms.

How it works

Merchant generates an order QR Code -> Users scan the QR code by their Binance App -> Confirm Pay -> Enter Pay PIN -> Payment Result

Who can use it

All Verified Binance Pay individual merchants or enterprise merchants.

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